Urban Gardening

Workshop for making beautiful garden sculptures from scrap metal.

THE challenge

Design a poster that promotes a specific event, in this case an art class that teaches anyone to make sculptures from scrap metal.

Original Assets

I started with just a few assets found through Google Images.

Photo credit: battlefield.wikia.com

Photo credit: diariomotor.com

Sculpture by Ptolemy Elrington

Photo credit: lughertexture.com

Photo credit: 4kpics.rocks

My Design

The bird is actually made of junk parts from old motor vehicles.


The perch is integrated to appear like a crane or tower rising above the city.

Every element is positioned to guide your eye around the poster, starting with the red blowtorch.

  30 in  

How I Built It


I made this poster with Photoshop and a few images found through Google. I used several techniques including masks and adjustments to levels, blending modes, and filters.

  19 in  

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