Facilitating Small Business Loans

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The Challenge

To get small business, there is a lot of back and forth and paperwork with redundant forms. Can take months.

The Solution

Online platform streamlines the process, automatically fills in information that has already been given, facilitates communication between business owner and bank so they do not have to meet physically

created more enjoyable interface for filling out forms, with an intelligent back end to automatically fill in, or altogether hide redundant fields. Designed the platform to be end-to-end.

methods & tools

paper prototyping


experience prototyping


my role

us designer

ux researcher

the team

Aaron Faucher

Grace Guo

Frank Teng


3 months

How We Got There

limited, as Novatraq is a small company with a decentralized team. This project comprised mainly of UI design with client feedback coming from demos at trade shows